Project Management and Systems Integration Services

End-to-end IT consulting services that turn organizational goals into bottom-line results

Maximize your organization’s potential with a fully integrated information system that works faster, cheaper and better. LeadIT’s consulting offerings and quality management solutions provide you with the expertise to continuously improve operations through comprehensive IT assessment, careful implementation, successful integration and ongoing support. With the experience and expertise of LeadIT, your company or organization can boost service levels, develop new operational efficiencies and cut the costs associated with systems and infrastructure.

Invest More Strategically with LeadIT Solutions

LeadIT provides you with an end-to-end, customized approach in a unique process that involves supporting customers through all stages of the IT life cycle. From the initial consultation, strategic planning and decision-making to the actual implementation – including software adaption, installation, system integration, training and support – LeadIT’s full-service approach helps you get the most from your IT investment and drives business growth.

Our IT Solutions

Computerized Logistics: LeadIT is the only company in Israel that provides computerized solutions for the management of the logistics that are an inherent part of setting up organizational information systems. By managing logistics effectively, LeadIT saves expensive administrative resources and ensures that you experience a smooth transition. 

Training and Integration: LeadIT’s dedicated training team help you maximize the functionality of your IT system and reach defined business goals, providing group training and one-on-one assistance for employees and managers within your organization. LeadIT’s professional approach to training and integration ensure optimal use of the system.

Cloud Computing: LeadIT is a registered distributor of Microsoft’s Office 365, providing cloud computing solutions that allow you to connect to work, clients and employees any time, using any device and at a significantly reduced cost. Cloud computing cuts organizational investment in infrastructure, equipment and software, and provides secure access from anywhere.

Ongoing Communication & Supervision: The expert staff of LeadIT works in partnership with architects, low voltage system planners, security personnel, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and project managers, maintaining ongoing interaction regarding the planning of IT infrastructure, security and telephone systems and supervising the quality of implementation.

Support & Service: LeadIT’s service and support team are available on an ongoing basis, so that your organization can maximize productivity and get the most out of the IT system. We offer both phone support and on-site visits, helping you maintain a stable IT environment.

Our Client Base

Founded in 2008, LeadIT’s client base currently includes companies in a wide range of industries, public institutions, government offices and security organizations who benefit from the added-value that we offer.

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“In our current environment, where we are asked to make decisions quickly, deal with the competition and respond at lightning speed to the changes needs of customers, organizational information systems take on the a primary and strategic role. By planning and managing them better, it is possible to maximize their potential and obtain a real competitive edge.” 
Eran Burg, Founder and CEO of LeadIT